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Pyrosorb-S class 0 acoustic foam sheets

Pyrosorb-S is a class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. Class 0 is the best Building Regulations designation for materials that protect from the spread of flames and limits the amount of heat released from the surface during a fire. With its flexibility and non-irritant characteristics class 0 foam is a safe and easy to install product. Its durability has been proved on many prestigious projects throughout the world. Class 0 foam can be cut and shaped easily and safely. It will readily accept facings, acoustic barrier layers and self adhesive backing for ease of fixing.
  • Class 0 is a fire resistant, flexible, open celled polyurethane foam.
  • Being open celled with a high density it is an excellent sound absorption material.
  • Is a safe alternative to conventionally used products.
  • Easy and safe to handle (reduced labour costs).
  • Does not erode or migrate in air movement (up to 6,000 ft/min, 2,800Mt/min).
  • Is non-fibrous eliminating the potential health hazards associated with fibrous products.

Class 0 foam may be used in almost any absorption or containment of noise application, including:
  • Air-conditioning equipment and duct systems
  • Acoustic wall panelling and enclosures
  • Generator rooms
  • Engine bay compartments
  • Automotive and Marine applications
  • Prison mattresses
  • M.O.D. vehicles

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Pyrosorb-S™ Class 0 acoustic foam sheet

Pyrosorb-S™ is a class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. Safe and easy to install. Includes self-adhesive backing.
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