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Our main foam grades & types


Average soft foam

This is light density foam suitable for headboards and general use. We do not recommend this grade for any seating application.

Medium foam

This is a medium density foam suitable for domestic seating cushions of 5" (12.7cm) or more in thickness. An ideal replacement for fibre filled cushions.

High firm foam

This foam is a high density quality seating grade and is suitable for most seating applications for cushions with thickness between 3" and 4" (7.5-10cm). By far the most popular grade of foam available in UK.

Severe very firm foam

This is very high density seating grade foam suitable for cushions that are less than 3" (7.5cm) in thickness. Suitable uses would include window seats, quality dining chairs, and vehicle restoration projects.

Reconstituted super firm foam

Reconstituted or commonly known as Recon is a contract seating foam used for wheelchair seats, church kneelers, bar seating, bar stools and many packaging applications.
Reflex medium

Reflex Superior medium foam

Branded foam, ultimate in comfort and durability, with instant recovery after use and consistent shape retention over many years. Excellent for armchair/settee cushions and as a mattress without bonding different foams.
Reflex firm

Reflex Superior firm foam

Same as reflex medium, but firmer.
Memory foam

Memory Foam

At room temperature memory foam is harder than at skin temperature, which causes it to soften on contact and mould itself to the shape of a warm body within a few minutes.

Random foam

This can be any grade of foam. It may be fabricated (glued) together. We do not recommend this foam for any specific application.
Cot safe foam

Cot safe foam

Soft-medium density foam, not suitable for seating. Does not contain antimony, arsenic, phosphorus, pbdes or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Packaging foam

High impact light weight packaging grade foam. Charcoal grey in colour. Suitable for all kinds of protective packaging applications, for example flight cases, briefcases, cardboard boxes, etc.
Closed cell polyethylene

Closed cell polyethylene foam

Black/white rigid closed cell foam, non-absorbent and water proof comes in sheets of various thicknesses. Polyethylene foam is rigid and perfectly suited for many industrial and commercial applications.
Zotefoam plastazote closed cell foam

Zotefoam Plastazote® superior closed cell foam

Nitrogen expanded cross-linked closed cell foam in 5 colours and various thicknesses, non-absorbent and water proof. With or without self adhesive backing.
Ethafoam semi-rigid packaging foam

Ethafoam semi-rigid packaging foam

White medium density non cross linked expanded polyethylene comes in sheets of various thicknesses. Perfectly suited for many packaging applications for medium and heavy objects.
Fireseal class 0 acoustic foam

Pyrosorb-S Class 0 Acoustic Foam

Class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. With its flexibility and non-irritant characteristics class 0 foam is a safe and easy to install product. Includes self-adhesive backing.
Foam wrap rolls

Packing foam wrap rolls

Ideal for protecting a wide range of items in transit or storage, it can be wrapped around delicate items to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Many other types and grades of foam available from stock.

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