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Questions & answers

What thickness foam is good for dining chairs?

We would recommend around 2" (5cm) thick foam in high/firm density.

What does stockinette do?

We recommend the use of stockinette undercovers. They help to protect your cover fabric from the abrasive surface of the foam and also make fitting and removal of covers much easier.

What is polyfibre wrap?

We strongly recommend the use of all over polyfibre (dacron) wrap and stockinette undercover for all upholstery foam. It prolongs the life of the foam, protects the edges and helps prevent permanent creasing of the outer cover. When selecting polyfibre you will also get FREE stockinette undercover. When measuring for cushions, it is NOT necessary to make any adjustments for polyfibre wraps.

Do you supply outer covers?

We do not supply outer covers at present. However, this is something we are aiming to provide in the future.

What is the Reflex foam?

Reflex is the branded foam, with instant recovery and shape retention.

Does foam smell?

Like a new car, foam has a "new foam" fragrance. This fragrance can take from six to nine weeks to dissipate. Various types of foams have different fragrances and their intensity varies also.

Does foam discolour?

Foam reacts when exposed to natural light. This has no bearing on the quality of the foam and is a normal reaction.

Does foam vary in colour?

Variances in colour are intrinsic to foam production and do not affect the quality of the product.

Can polyurethane foam be used outdoors?

Polyurethane can be used outdoors providing it is used undercover and not exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Do you supply a waterproof foam?

We supply Closed cell polyethylene, Plastazote and Ethafoam all of which are suitable for outdoor use.

What is the minimum thickness of foam available?

Polyurethane foams can be supplied from 5mm thickness. Polyethylene foams can be supplied from 3mm. If you require foam below these thicknesses, please contact us.

Is foam safe?

Our foams do not contain Pbdes or chlorofluocarbons (CFC'S) which are found in cheaper quality foam coming from the Far East and overseas. The eFoam brand is naturally anti-bacterial as well as being hypoallergenic. All standard grade polyurethane foams are manufactured in the UK and fully comply with British Standard Institute Regulations.

Can I call for advice and assistance and place an order over the telephone?

Yes, we will be happy to give advice and assist with any queries you may have. We accept orders over the telephone and take all major credit/debit cards.

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